Tekke Convinced: Flamurtari Do Not Forgive In Our Area

Laci has launched preparations yesterday for the next challenge, which will play in front of Flamurtari weekend. Kurbinasit have high morale to this challenge, because in the last two meetings have taken 4 points, 3 against Teuta in Lac and one in Tirana against “Qemal Stafa”, in a match played with four kua absence. In an interview with “Sport Express”, the returning Ols Tekke, who is in his best form, he says Laci Flamurtari not condone this week.
– Ols, after three consecutive losses, you are returned to positive results …
– Yes, it’s true. We lost against Partizan, Skanderbeg and Kukes, which were subtle challenges. Losses came because of shortages, as against Partizan, as well as against Skanderbeg. To transfer Kukes could say it was fate that we booked. Dominuam on the opponent.
– So Tirana was “accused” of playing in defense. Why?
– Tirana is one of our rivals and the first challenge in Lac achieved a beautiful victory, with fantastic game. The opponent never saw our gate Lac. The city then came the very absence. We did not play defense. White-only risked us once and in that case it was our fault. I do not know how he would react Tirana, if there were four shortage?
– The next challenge is against Flamurtari. How do you see this face?
– For us it is the next match and we will do our best to win. Birmingham is a team that has names, but we do not care. I have some friends there, as Vuçaj and Idris, but also to other players, who appreciate, however Lac will lick. I am convinced, more or less, they are sure about the fate of this match.
– When will mark his first goal Tekke Lac?
– This is something of little importance to me. My desire is to win the team, and no matter who scores. I wish to come quickly, though not against Flamurtari. I’m not a goal player, because of my position. It is important that we maintain our back door intact, while the attack would draw at least one goal, because we are a team that circulate more ball and set every opponent under pressure.
– Four games until the end of the second phase. How do you foresee?
– For us it is worth just next meeting. Of course, our desire is to win every game. Our goal is to win all the remaining matches, although it will not be easy at all. In Lac we should not discuss any opponent, but the transfer must do better. By the end face Flamurtari and KS Elbasani and Vllaznia Lac Apollonia in the transfer.
– The shortages have led to Laci?
– Since the beginning of the championship we have not developed any games full contingent. Injuries and cards have influenced the coach think every game to activate other players. However, I can say that they have come. I hope that after returning the entire group do not have such problems.