Vuçaj Travels In Struga Leave Tanushi

Kurbinasve captain, Erjon Vuçaj has not traveled yesterday to Struga together with the team. From sources close to the club learned that the captain talked with the president and Laska agreed that the player not to travel to Struga. The reason is simple, 23-year-old has received an offer from abroad and are carefully considering. Poles have again expressed interest in taking the player in their midst, but shkodrani of Lac has not yet decided what to do. In addition to the runway of Poland, the player suggests that there is another option which does not wish to make public. “I did not travel with the team to Macedonia for the preparatory phase. I spoke at length with President Laska. Five years in Lac’m familiar here, but we think that the time has come to change the environment. Poles are interested again for me but I have not yet decided what to do. I’m not necessarily going to fix in a European championship. Care must be taken. Steps will like to toss one by one for the future. However everything will be decided this week. In terms of options in Albania have always stated, in previous years, the Lac not change with any team. Here I am very attached and I want to win the title with this team. Away from here but my heart will always be with Lac. I wish success classmates and I am convinced that very soon this team will win trophies. I wish the team to reach the pass at least one tour in the Europa League, “said Vuçaj.

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Nigerians traveling late

Three Nigerian players Lac, Kehinde, James and Ofojeh will travel today or tomorrow to Struga. The cause is the failure to issue the visa in time, however, the club has submitted to the Macedonian embassy all necessary documentation. Despite that will lose a workout day, they will soon join the group.
Announced list, leave the Tanushi