Lac in Europe The City Is Boiling

Historikenjë European match in Lac. No one had imagined that one day the small northern town team would be able to pass tour in Europa League, furthermore to develop a European match at the City Stadium. Of course, the main merit belongs president Pashk Laska who has invested years in building infrastructure but also building a quality team. Normally there is merit Mayor Artur Bardhi who supported the president, but also the team laçian fans. Every year investment in the stadium until UEFA gave okejin that Laci play a European match in his field opposite laçian fans are the 12th player to the squad. The news has enjoyed all immensely. Lac look forward to this match. Reconciliation in Slovenia has grown even more interest. The main theme is the return match. The big and small discusses the town of Lac. Requirements to get a ticket are great. Of course, this is also a great responsibility, both for the club and for the fans. UEFA does not tolerate mistakes, so every organization must be perfect, as it should be, the behavior of fans in the stands. However, this city deserves. For years I have fun with positive results in the team Superiore, but it is also the expression “appetite comes with eating” in Lac desire to move forward in Europe has been strengthened. The city has also launched the placement of banners and notices, as the need for the presence of the fans is great with a great desire to pass the first round.