Laci to Spain with friendly Freiburg on January 13

luxury preparatory phase. Laci picks Spain to prepare in this period. According confirmation comes from the president Pashk Laska, everything is ready and tomorrow at 12:00 the team will go to the Iberian country. The preparatory phase will take place in the city of Malaga, while some are even predicting friendly luxury. The first, which is also confirmed, would put the Bianconeri in front of the German Bundesliga club 1, Freiburg. The match will be played in Malaga on 13 January. In the coming days it is expected to be whitened other details of the preparatory phase of the Bianconeri. In the summer of last year Laci was produced in Austria, while kurbinas club already picks Spain. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that an Albanian team will hold a preparatory stage of winter in the country of Spain. Juventus Club apparently has clear ideas, as it seeks to catch one of the first three places at the end of this season. In the past year, Laci Albania managed to win the Cup. Brkic & Charles – Today is expected to come down in the next training session kurbinasve the BërkiçÇarls duo. Serbia has arrived in Albania on Wednesday afternoon, while Nigerian will arrive in the early hours of the day. Both players were close to their family for about two weeks and already breaks for them can be considered completed.