Laci Captain Vuçaj We Begin Where We Left

Laci returned yesterday from Spain, where he stayed for 10 days for the preparatory phase. Players have the right load, thereby team has a very good shape. Played friendly matches there have helped boys Nice regain proper form and harmony in the squad after no less than one month break. The Lac captain Erjon Vuçaj, has spoken to stage held in Malaga, Spain. “We are returning to Albania after a very good preparatory phase. Conditions were wonderful and everything was worth it. Team stopped a lot and of course preparation should be greater. All have received the proper load on these days. Two training sessions a day and friendly matches have helped us enormously to return to our best form. Now remained something less than ten days from the first match for the new calendar year. We begin in front Besa Kavaja, an opponent that brings us luck. We have defeated him as Lac in its field, even in the neutral field. We will ask them to start walking around the new year. The team enjoys very good shape and will continue where we left it. We must protect the best place we have in sorting, after everything we have achieved with merit. ”
Striker – Leaders of the black and white club are looking for a striker. While they have had some talks, no name has not been made official by them. For that matter, Vuçaj captain said: “It would be good if by the close of the transfer window approaching us an attacker, who is well sniffing goal. The team produces more, but we have to find our way more and more of the net. Such an attacker us make it easier to achieve the objective. However, we are confident the president Laska, because it has always done stroke at the end of the transfer window. Hopefully everything goes well, as it has gone preparatory phase “, – said 23-year-old Erjon Vuçaj.