Laci Many Problems To Tirana

Laci sfidëne will play next Sunday in front Tirana at 14:00 in the Qemal Stafa stadium. Kurbinasit come to this challenge with many problems, despite the fact that this week triumphed against Teuta inside defamation. Armando Cungu must make its accounts after the titular lojtrë. As to the other team Partizan also to bardheluve, kurbinasit come with numerous deficiencies.

Segun James – Nigeria is recovering after injury with Apollonia but is back in training with the group and this club has deposited fines the Albanian Football Federation. From sources close to the player it is known that can appear in the Monday workout that comes, but the club has its rules and the player must repay the then penalties will be revised decision whether to give back the opportunity to train with the group or not . The lack of safe to Tirana.
Marko Cetkovic – Montenegrin Marko Cetkovic has been lacking these days in training. From sources close to the club but the player becomes known that there was a concern and the player can also fail to Tirana. Coach Armando Cungu has replaced player at half-time against Teuta because of the pain he has. To question its activation to Tirana, but it sure is that the player has not trained with the group.
Elton Doku – defender of the right wing has taken a swipe at Kotobelli thigh and is not ready to play against Tirana. Footballer expected to make today a hip and eco determine the extent of the damage.

Valdano Nimani – midfielder with attacking the Lac features, Valdano Nimani has suffered an injury a day before the challenge against Teuta and is not yet ready to coach Armando Cungu. Shkodrani came out yesterday in training but has committed only 45 minutes of easy jogging around the field. And he is likely to miss against Tirana.

4 players expected to miss Lac challenge against Tirana. Striker James who did not come to training, Montenegrin Cetkovic, defender and midfielder Elton Doku offensive Valdano Nimani who have problems with injuries.