Laci To Tirana After Four Years With Fans

Challenge between Lac Tirana will be played after four years with the presence of the public in Lac after 3 seasons Bianconeri have been sentenced to develop games without fans when playing against magic white. The last match played by the presence of the public in Lac has been that the 2009-2010 season when the Bianconeri equated with Tirana 1-1 of goals authors were for the white and Mile Pejic from the penalty spot 11 meters in the run for the team then the technician Stavri Nica. While this weekend is expected to happen differently and Laciana fans will have the opportunity to Tirana to support their team is still looking for their first victory in the championship after four weeks of play. Of course this mission will not be easy, seeing the progress of Tirana, which currently holds the top spot on the leaderboard, but believing truncating the maximum believe they can succeed against white-as well as last year when they won the challenge of the second phase, thanks to a goal right defenders Saimir Kastrati, who came to the Bianconeri victory after three years to Tirana. Reconciliation with Partizan Kukes the latter in the transfer of Teuta to show that bardhezinjëve is difficult to win, but has now come to Laci show that knows how to win this mission will be accomplished intended maximum this weekend. To Tirana technician Cungu is expected to be available even Veliaj midfielder who missed against Teuta after suspension due cartoon. Also Cela defender will be fit for the game after a thigh problem that left him off the team in the past two challenges. Also, the return of Nimani is expected that there was a problem in the ankle to make full group before challenge with Tirana