Laci From The Colosseum: We Gladiators True

Kurbinasit is clear that this phase will be very strong, as it will be war “gladiator”. And for the Bianconeri before returning to Albania, during his stay in Rome they have not hesitated to visit the Colosseum, the arena where encountering Roman gladiators, getting in this way the right inspiration before the start of the second half of the championship. Buljan, Danaj, Zef, Bardhi, the Tanushi Nimani, in an interview for “Panorama Sport”, said that they will succeed to successfully close this season.
Buljan-Danaj – “We have developed a preparatory stage in fairly good condition. We are preparing for ‘war’, since all are finding that competition is quite strong. Nothing granted, but won. But to succeed must give our maximum all the matches “, – stated the Croat lezhjani.
Zef-Bardhi – Zefi long has become one of the leading players kurbinas formation. While Bardhi is still young, should therefore give the best initially to the youth team, which is activated, and then think of the team first. “I feel good and I hope to return to the faith” – said Zef. As for Bardhi, it is clear that there is much work to be done. “You have to train hard and do my best. Of course, the fact that the train moves them on to work even more in the future “, – has Bardhi said.
Nimani-Tanushi – “Our during these years team has shown grintë the desire to win, which makes the fans cheer, as the Romans cheered for their favorites in the games of gladiators in the Colosseum amphitheater, where we visited during our stay in Rome. Now we shall proceed to show the same competitive spirit and together with our fans manage to triumph at the end of this season, which will mark the more valuable goals for our team “- were words of two players.