Nimani A Shkodran Against Vllaznia: Respect But My Wins Lac

Day Sunday, Laci Vllaznia will host Lac, in a match that qualify as “Northern derby”. However, this is a very special showdown for “Laciana” Shkodra. It is about Valdano Nimani striker, but coach Armando Cungu, who this time sport sets against their Vllaznia. Also a special showdown is the goalkeeper Miroslav Vujadinovic, who after four seasons will play against Shkodra’s team, the team confirmed it as one of the best goalkeepers in the league. Nimani striker in an interview to “Sport Express”, is convinced of Lac victory at the weekend, despite opposing team Vllaznia his city. This is not his first encounter against Vllaznia, who has scored just one goal in the victory of 24 October 2009, in which the Bianconeri won 3-1 in Lac.

Exciting challenge – “To be honest, encounters against Vllaznia have always been exciting, – says Nimani. – Although I have played very little with my hometown team, this challenge entails respect. It is the first time that I face against Vllaznia Lac, which at the weekend will do my best to defeat. We are professionals and we must do our best for the team which become active. I remember that wearing football has always appreciated and the same thing I could have done me. Woodlands is an opponent that imposes respect. For all, they should be ranked first quote now 11-points and we appreciate this, “said the striker in his statement.

Pending confirmation – Further, Nimani declared that front this week will have a more teams in the form of Albanian championship, but is optimistic about the fact that Laci is back as before and week after week is showing its true colors. “On Sunday we face with a leading team and will fight sportivisht to defeat them. We are going through a very good moment. victory in Tirana but also tie in Vlora has given us more confidence and moral to continue at this pace. We made very good games and should impose opponent. Despite having spent six weeks, we are still not consolidated as it should, despite the last three weeks have shown more growth. We must continue to work calmly and dedication. Who received points the last two weeks have value, then we should confirm with a win against Vllaznia. Punch or not, this little matter, rather than my goal worth winning team, “said Valdano Nimani forward.