Nimani: We Qualify For The Fans

Valdano Nimani is one of the most experienced players in the team Laciana regarding European challenges. Fully five such shkodrani played and is ready for game six. His faith is the maximum. He sees Lac in the second round of the Europa League, but calls for caution because nothing is over. He appreciates the fact that Laci would have the support of the fans who are expected to be plentiful in this showdown. “We also have another 90 minutes to play. Of course, the pressure continues to be present in the team, because football never known. There should enjoy after a week comes the return match. Of course we are optimistic and believe in qualification. The fate should smile and we should pass this tour. We scored a goal off the pitch and in return we play in our stadium. Fans will be a great support for the team, “concluded Nimani