Croat Returns Buljan: It Will Be A Terrific Lac

Stipe Buljan quarterback returned yesterday in Albania. The player has missed the first three training sessions conducted by the team under the guidance of coach Stavri Nica, but today he will be prepared together with the group. Not a few, but nearly two weeks holiday stayed squad directed by Nica, which faces a compressed workout program. On arrival in Albania, Croat gave his statement to the “Panorama Sport” stating that Laci would be more competitive in the next section. “I know that many have ceased and now is the time to work. Personally I have no problem, because I have kept natural settings, thanks to the individual preparations during the holiday period. I feel really good and I can not wait to return to training with the squad today. A year long lies ahead. This left behind was fantastic Lac. Albania won the Cup and I wish to repeat the success this season. We are in good position and should not give up the head of the classification. The team is complete and always has been increasing, which is seen from game to game. We need to do a good drawing board and work hard. No time to think about besides work, thanks to which I am convinced that Laci would be terrific, “- said Croatian defender, Buljan.