Laci Without Cetkovic And Aims Buljan Victory

Kurbinasit now play the third game of the end, just in front of Vllaznia Shkoder on a neutral field. The meeting will be played at the stadium at 16:00 Kruje. In this showdown, coach Armando Cungu must do again without several key squad players. Zef which has closed Cetkovic season back in training but far from the rhythm group are not ready for this match. Montenegrin will likely be ready for the next match Laciana that will play next weekend in front of Elbasan Lac. Verdheblu team zyrtuariazuar mathematically decline in the first category but kurbinasit is a test that must be passed successfully. However, not enough, shkodrani Cungu today must reckon without captain Stipe Buljan who has seen problems with his ribs. Croat took the recommendation of a doctor after medical examination and must stay five days off, which means that today is not ready for Cungu coach. No problem because of his lack Cela will be the player who will replace him in central defense alongside of valuable playing on the left flank activated Taulant Bushi Sefgjini. Although today is a match that must be respected, the team consists of two can be said to have emerged from the objective of the championship, despite kurbinasit still holds the mathematics in the game. However, truncating the boys will do their best until the end of the three matches to keep up the team morale and confidence, but also on the other hand are not endangered any player before the Cup final.