Nimani: We Qualify For The Fans

Valdano Nimani is one of the most experienced players in the team Laciana regarding European challenges. Fully five such shkodrani played and is ready for game six. His faith is the maximum. He sees Lac in the second round of the Europa League, but calls for caution because nothing is over. He appreciates the fact that Laci would have the support of the fans who are expected to be plentiful in this showdown. “We also have another 90 minutes to play. Of course, the pressure continues to be present in the team, because football never known. There should enjoy after a week comes the return match. Of course we are optimistic and believe in qualification. The fate should smile and we should pass this tour. We scored a goal off the pitch and in return we play in our stadium. Fans will be a great support for the team, “concluded Nimani

Laci Without Cetkovic And Aims Buljan Victory

Kurbinasit now play the third game of the end, just in front of Vllaznia Shkoder on a neutral field. The meeting will be played at the stadium at 16:00 Kruje. In this showdown, coach Armando Cungu must do again without several key squad players. Zef which has closed Cetkovic season back in training but far from the rhythm group are not ready for this match. Montenegrin will likely be ready for the next match Laciana that will play next weekend in front of Elbasan Lac. Verdheblu team zyrtuariazuar mathematically decline in the first category but kurbinasit is a test that must be passed successfully. However, not enough, shkodrani Cungu today must reckon without captain Stipe Buljan who has seen problems with his ribs. Croat took the recommendation of a doctor after medical examination and must stay five days off, which means that today is not ready for Cungu coach. No problem because of his lack Cela will be the player who will replace him in central defense alongside of valuable playing on the left flank activated Taulant Bushi Sefgjini. Although today is a match that must be respected, the team consists of two can be said to have emerged from the objective of the championship, despite kurbinasit still holds the mathematics in the game. However, truncating the boys will do their best until the end of the three matches to keep up the team morale and confidence, but also on the other hand are not endangered any player before the Cup final.

Laci From The Colosseum: We Gladiators True

Kurbinasit is clear that this phase will be very strong, as it will be war “gladiator”. And for the Bianconeri before returning to Albania, during his stay in Rome they have not hesitated to visit the Colosseum, the arena where encountering Roman gladiators, getting in this way the right inspiration before the start of the second half of the championship. Buljan, Danaj, Zef, Bardhi, the Tanushi Nimani, in an interview for “Panorama Sport”, said that they will succeed to successfully close this season.
Buljan-Danaj – “We have developed a preparatory stage in fairly good condition. We are preparing for ‘war’, since all are finding that competition is quite strong. Nothing granted, but won. But to succeed must give our maximum all the matches “, – stated the Croat lezhjani.
Zef-Bardhi – Zefi long has become one of the leading players kurbinas formation. While Bardhi is still young, should therefore give the best initially to the youth team, which is activated, and then think of the team first. “I feel good and I hope to return to the faith” – said Zef. As for Bardhi, it is clear that there is much work to be done. “You have to train hard and do my best. Of course, the fact that the train moves them on to work even more in the future “, – has Bardhi said.
Nimani-Tanushi – “Our during these years team has shown grintë the desire to win, which makes the fans cheer, as the Romans cheered for their favorites in the games of gladiators in the Colosseum amphitheater, where we visited during our stay in Rome. Now we shall proceed to show the same competitive spirit and together with our fans manage to triumph at the end of this season, which will mark the more valuable goals for our team “- were words of two players.

Laci To Tirana After Four Years With Fans

Challenge between Lac Tirana will be played after four years with the presence of the public in Lac after 3 seasons Bianconeri have been sentenced to develop games without fans when playing against magic white. The last match played by the presence of the public in Lac has been that the 2009-2010 season when the Bianconeri equated with Tirana 1-1 of goals authors were for the white and Mile Pejic from the penalty spot 11 meters in the run for the team then the technician Stavri Nica. While this weekend is expected to happen differently and Laciana fans will have the opportunity to Tirana to support their team is still looking for their first victory in the championship after four weeks of play. Of course this mission will not be easy, seeing the progress of Tirana, which currently holds the top spot on the leaderboard, but believing truncating the maximum believe they can succeed against white-as well as last year when they won the challenge of the second phase, thanks to a goal right defenders Saimir Kastrati, who came to the Bianconeri victory after three years to Tirana. Reconciliation with Partizan Kukes the latter in the transfer of Teuta to show that bardhezinjëve is difficult to win, but has now come to Laci show that knows how to win this mission will be accomplished intended maximum this weekend. To Tirana technician Cungu is expected to be available even Veliaj midfielder who missed against Teuta after suspension due cartoon. Also Cela defender will be fit for the game after a thigh problem that left him off the team in the past two challenges. Also, the return of Nimani is expected that there was a problem in the ankle to make full group before challenge with Tirana

Laci Defeated By Freiburg

The team has now developed the second friendly match on Spanish soil. The meeting ended 2-0 in favor of the German team SC Freiburg.  Goals were scored by Mike Hanke (50) and Pavel Krmas (57). The first part of the match was completed with white figures 0-0 while the result is changed in the second game faction. Regardless of the outcome, the team has developed a good game where fatigue is felt in the second half, adding the replacements made coach Stavri Nica. The team will be back in training tomorrow with two sessions per day. The coaching staff is satisfied by the presentation of the team which is physically growing day by day.

Laci Many Problems To Tirana

Laci sfidëne will play next Sunday in front Tirana at 14:00 in the Qemal Stafa stadium. Kurbinasit come to this challenge with many problems, despite the fact that this week triumphed against Teuta inside defamation. Armando Cungu must make its accounts after the titular lojtrë. As to the other team Partizan also to bardheluve, kurbinasit come with numerous deficiencies.

Segun James – Nigeria is recovering after injury with Apollonia but is back in training with the group and this club has deposited fines the Albanian Football Federation. From sources close to the player it is known that can appear in the Monday workout that comes, but the club has its rules and the player must repay the then penalties will be revised decision whether to give back the opportunity to train with the group or not . The lack of safe to Tirana.
Marko Cetkovic – Montenegrin Marko Cetkovic has been lacking these days in training. From sources close to the club but the player becomes known that there was a concern and the player can also fail to Tirana. Coach Armando Cungu has replaced player at half-time against Teuta because of the pain he has. To question its activation to Tirana, but it sure is that the player has not trained with the group.
Elton Doku – defender of the right wing has taken a swipe at Kotobelli thigh and is not ready to play against Tirana. Footballer expected to make today a hip and eco determine the extent of the damage.

Valdano Nimani – midfielder with attacking the Lac features, Valdano Nimani has suffered an injury a day before the challenge against Teuta and is not yet ready to coach Armando Cungu. Shkodrani came out yesterday in training but has committed only 45 minutes of easy jogging around the field. And he is likely to miss against Tirana.

4 players expected to miss Lac challenge against Tirana. Striker James who did not come to training, Montenegrin Cetkovic, defender and midfielder Elton Doku offensive Valdano Nimani who have problems with injuries.

Laci Captain Vuçaj We Begin Where We Left

Laci returned yesterday from Spain, where he stayed for 10 days for the preparatory phase. Players have the right load, thereby team has a very good shape. Played friendly matches there have helped boys Nice regain proper form and harmony in the squad after no less than one month break. The Lac captain Erjon Vuçaj, has spoken to stage held in Malaga, Spain. “We are returning to Albania after a very good preparatory phase. Conditions were wonderful and everything was worth it. Team stopped a lot and of course preparation should be greater. All have received the proper load on these days. Two training sessions a day and friendly matches have helped us enormously to return to our best form. Now remained something less than ten days from the first match for the new calendar year. We begin in front Besa Kavaja, an opponent that brings us luck. We have defeated him as Lac in its field, even in the neutral field. We will ask them to start walking around the new year. The team enjoys very good shape and will continue where we left it. We must protect the best place we have in sorting, after everything we have achieved with merit. ”
Striker – Leaders of the black and white club are looking for a striker. While they have had some talks, no name has not been made official by them. For that matter, Vuçaj captain said: “It would be good if by the close of the transfer window approaching us an attacker, who is well sniffing goal. The team produces more, but we have to find our way more and more of the net. Such an attacker us make it easier to achieve the objective. However, we are confident the president Laska, because it has always done stroke at the end of the transfer window. Hopefully everything goes well, as it has gone preparatory phase “, – said 23-year-old Erjon Vuçaj.

Laci to Spain with friendly Freiburg on January 13

luxury preparatory phase. Laci picks Spain to prepare in this period. According confirmation comes from the president Pashk Laska, everything is ready and tomorrow at 12:00 the team will go to the Iberian country. The preparatory phase will take place in the city of Malaga, while some are even predicting friendly luxury. The first, which is also confirmed, would put the Bianconeri in front of the German Bundesliga club 1, Freiburg. The match will be played in Malaga on 13 January. In the coming days it is expected to be whitened other details of the preparatory phase of the Bianconeri. In the summer of last year Laci was produced in Austria, while kurbinas club already picks Spain. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that an Albanian team will hold a preparatory stage of winter in the country of Spain. Juventus Club apparently has clear ideas, as it seeks to catch one of the first three places at the end of this season. In the past year, Laci Albania managed to win the Cup. Brkic & Charles – Today is expected to come down in the next training session kurbinasve the BërkiçÇarls duo. Serbia has arrived in Albania on Wednesday afternoon, while Nigerian will arrive in the early hours of the day. Both players were close to their family for about two weeks and already breaks for them can be considered completed.

Laci Makes History In Europe Nica: Spooky Qualification We Had To Score Quickly

Laci qualify for the first time in a European Cup tour. After failing last year to Diferdonzh luksemburgasve and in 2010-11 with Belarus Mogilievit Dnieper, the team led by durrsaku Stavri Nica reaches between suffering and endless emotions to eliminate Rudar Velenje Slovenians. Heroes, two strangers: Nigerian adeniji and Montenegrin Vujadinovic. The first recorded back in this showdown, and struck his penalty decisive, while the second made spectacular reception during 120 minutes of play and then showed the indisputable values of 11 meters, by stopping three of the five fired towards his goal.

The match – meeting played on the field Lac, this historic stadium because until recently did not meet UEFA criteria. However, thanks to the intervention of club management became possible to be played challenges Lac, which however did not fail an observer eye, more than strictly by European football’s government (UEFA sent to the meeting a member of the Disciplinary Commission, specially to follow the continuity of this match and the conditions under which played). Both teams came from 1-1 in the first meeting, which favored somewhat Laciana. However, at the start it was observed that the technician Stavri Nica had done scores for a goalless draw. In the first 20 minutes we have more than Lac Rudar, as it were two beautiful shot of Vuçaj and adeniji, endangering Slovenians gate. The latter remembered only in the 18th minute with a shot from Vujadinovic expected. The game follows the dyluftuar mostly in the middle, where not missing harsh interventions. However, the Hungarian referee lets the game somewhat, judging “alla English”. Meanwhile, cleaner opportunity to score in the first part of the friends, who in 42- minute could have put themselves ahead: Çërniçiç “fish” beautiful in the area, stopped the ball with his chest and half-height face to face with the goalkeeper Vujadinovic hunts, but on the beam. Here ends the first part.
Goals – at the break Nica that it must intervene immediately to make two substitutions to give more muscle midfield. Ndreca and Sefgjini leave the bench and Vaults Veliaj, who showed that they were not in their best form. Replacements give effect and the game shifts to the opposing gjysmëfushën. In the 56- minute Nimani is giving signal to scoring with a shot in the entrance area, while two minutes later adeniji realizes header, after a cross coming in the Vuçaj. The goal calms somewhat locals, while awakens friends, who already have nothing to lose and jump across to the attack. The game becomes even more severe, with episodes sometimes overlooked by the arbitrator. Meanwhile, after 78 minutes Rosher hunts nice, but on the beam, while the 85-RA is the player finds prepare again Vujadinoviçin, who punched wonderfully. Kurbinasit are all gathered in their area for the protection of results, while friends attending the ongoing attacks. Checks and Knezović Tolimir, but the fatal shot will come a few seconds from the end of the whole match. Minutes of the 3rd additional, Tolimir touch with the head, elongated ball among area, exactly where Eterovic, who left tovujadinovic us-zvicer send into the net, 1-1 and now have extra time.
Penalties – shocked kurbinasit, but certainly not lose his temper. Start extra time, where Nica urges his people who do not spend endless energy, but to wait for the opponent and use counter. In one, adeniji had a golden opportunity after 103 minutes, but his parabola could not make it past the keeper. After 120 minutes of play, everything in balance and now go to penalties, where the protagonist is Vujadinovic, which hosts three consecutive penalties. In the end, adeniji marks qualifying goal.

yesterday’s match was judged by a trio of arbitrators Hungarians, the main Tamas Bognar. The latter suffered somewhat strong and tough game, while slipped in a moment, in the 35th minute, was not given a penalty friends. Vuçaj loses a ball in midfield, departing counterattack Slovenians, Tolimir the right following tokazi in the area, where arrives Eterovic, which fall in the area after the intervention of valuable. The referee continues the game, but we had to do penalty. Four minutes later it was Nimani who demanded a penalty after a fall in the area, in hand to hand duel with an opposing defender, but the referee did in this case continued good match because we did not have to do with the 11-meter.

Stavri Nica in Woodlands-Lac 3-0Nica: Spooky qualification, had to score quickly
Although heart, “hand” Laci succeeded for the first time to pass the first round of the Europa League after the shooting of 11-meter. This undoubtedly enjoyed all in black and white camp. A number of the Lac pankinës, Stavri Nica, at a press conference after the match, said quite happy for the passage of the tour, according to him, is historic for the club that he runs and the town of Lac. Nica claims that kurbinasit spent a very strong team, showing the strength of competition often manages to prevail against the qualitative opponents. “It was a dramatic match. We could have scored more quickly, but shpërdoruam and many risked. However, switching to the next round, certainly it has us all. This is because it is an achievement for our team, for the city of Lac and all those who stand by this team. I must congratulate all the boys who were able to afford 120 minutes and finally to get out of the penalty “.
Analysis – Making a game analysis, Nica said: “The first team played the part of the balance, not allowing the opponent to threaten us. Later, the pace of the game on 45 minutes the second-rose and we managed to find the network path. After that, the team limped slightly, suffering little opposition pressure and finally conceded. However, it must be said that the players found themselves later in addition, where can we find the network path, as well as during the 90 minutes the. But not arrived. However, from the penalty spot, Vujadinovic showed his skills, waiting three penalties, which gave us this historic qualification. The players tried to do their best on the playing field, showing high competitive spirit, which triumphed this time in front of Slovenes qualities, perhaps they underestimated us in the first game. If they would do the same match in their field, will probably be those who will pass further. Tired players? We only have four weeks to train ourselves after more than a month’s holiday and the team is not at its maximum, so they can be signs of fatigue, which can be considered normal. The next opponent? Known values of the Ukrainian teams, which pay a player as take all our players, showing their strength against us the Albanian football. We will try to do our best and to Zorias, because we have nothing to lose “, – concluded the coach Lac, Stavri Nica.

James of Laci, against TeutaAdeniji, thank God, but the hero was goalkeeper!
James adeniji, Nigerian striker Lac, managed to find again the path of the network, as well as a few weeks ago in Slovenia, when it gave kurbinasve draw in the match limits. He got the best of cross Zef, scoring after a blow to the head, and scored a goal from the penalty spot, that was the last, sealing qualification for the Bianconeri in the second round of the Europa League. After completing the match with Slovenes joy to be legitimate, and could not be hidden emotions. He was very happy to finish two goals in yesterday’s challenge against Rudar Velenje. The Nigerian kurbinasve thanked God for everything. Meanwhile, striker adeniji emphasizes that the hero of this meeting was undoubtedly the goalkeeper Vujadinovic expectations made in the field of play during the match, and later from the penalty spot. “I am very happy for what we got as a team, but also to the fact that followed the punch. We tried to give them the maximum and I think we played well in yesterday’s challenge in many passages of the game, which certainly came from the opposition that we face. However, I must thank God for giving us the strength and will continue to work hard in the future. Today (yesterday), if we went round, is also of the excellent performance of our goalkeeper, Miroslav Vujadinovic, which saved us several times during the game and finally put the seal with the reception of three 11-meter. Undoubtedly, he was the ‘hero’ of this match, “he concluded the 22-year-old James adeniji.

vujadinovic us-zvicer”A crazy match, I am doubly pleased”
Miroslav Vujadinovic goalkeeper Lac, he enjoyed the hearts of thousands of fans in black and white, being the hero of the match with Rudar Slovenians. Three consecutive penalty is hardly expected to have made the greatest goalkeepers the world, but he did something like that, enabling bardhezinjve to pass the first round of the Europa League. After the match, he was very happy to qualify for the next round. According to him, it was a crazy match, while seeking to go as far in Europe. “The joy can not hide what we managed to do in the meeting today (yesterday) against Rudar Velenje. It was a crazy match, during which I have given my best. Being the hero of this match, undoubtedly adds more double pleasure, which I want to share with our black and white fans. They were a great support to us throughout the match, although the weather conditions were not good. Like many continue to go as far away as Europe and successfully pass the next round. We will work hard and wish to proceed to do other good things, “he concluded Montenegrin goalkeeper kurbinasve, Vujadinovic.

Javornik: The team was tired at the end, Lac success!
Jernej Javornik, a number of NK Rudar Velenje pankinës, after the match, said that his team played a good match. However, according to him, at the end of regular play, players feel fatigue, failing were at the same level. “We had a good match today (yesterday), while we had some good chances to score. We had estimated maximum opponent, unlike the first game and did everything to pass to the next round. The team, after the end of regular play, the fatigue felt by failing to be at the same level in addition. Then RUSSIAN ROULETTE Laci decided to pass to the next round of the Europa League. And for this, I want to congratulate and wish them success in consistently, “concluded the coach of Rudar Velenje, Jernej Javornik.

Fans support the team, but “fear” of rain …
About two thousand fans attended yesterday’s meeting to play in Lac, between indigenous and Slovenians Rudar Velenje. It must be said that this was the first international meeting, which took place in the stadium, which was made possible thanks to the intervention of the club leaders and the Albanian Football Federation. Lac stadium did not meet the conditions for an international match, but after reconstruction, especially auxiliary facilities, UEFA allowed to be played in Lac. It is not known whether the same thing will make the government for European football match of the second round, with Zorias Ukrainians. Meanwhile, it must be said that after the rainfall, which began in the second half, the majority of fans left the stadium at all, emptying debate facing pages. At the end they stayed only “Ultras Divas” who supported their team.

Kurbinasit with Zorian in the field of Dinamo Kiev
Laci would face the Ukrainians of Zoria Lugansk in the second round of the Europa League. The lot is decided dated June 23, when the opponent was taught the first round. Zoria had a higher coefficient, has gone directly to the second round of the competition. Who is Zoria Lugansk? The club was founded in 1923, but has little history in terms of trophies. In most of the time played in the second division in the Soviet Union and Ukraine, as in the last edition he managed to rank instead of 6 and win the first participation in its entire history in the European Cups. The team has presidential Jevee Heler, while the coach is Jurij Vernjdub. The best players are: Kreshvan Santini, Igor Shajkovski, Mikita Kamenjuka, Vitali Vernjdub Nikola Ignjatijeviç Zeljko Ljubenoviç, Pilip Budkivski, Yannick Boli etc. Home of this team is “Avanhard Stadium” with a capacity of countries 22.288, but the meeting to Lac will be played in Kiev at the stadium Dinamo, due to no normal situation in Ukraine after the violence that erupted in recent months, which went almost into civil war.

Here Is The Calendar Of The First Phase

KF Skënderbeu KF Laci 30.08.2014

KF Laci – KF Kukes 10.09.2014

KF Teuta – KF Laci 14.09.2014

KF Laci – KF Tirana 20.09.2014

FC Flamurtari – KF Laci 27.09.2014

KF Laci – KF Vllaznia 04.10.2014

FK Elbasani – KF Laci 18.10.2014

KF Laci – FK Apolonia 25.10.2014